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Welcome to my Jack Russell Blog!

My name is Amy and I have owned four Jack Russell terriers in my life. At the age of 40, that’s a JRT a decade! Although there was some overlap when I had two at once in my twenties! Here are the names of all my Jack Russells who I have loved dearly….

My Life of Adorable Jack Russells

My first two (Patch and Suzy) I had as Jack Russell puppies because they were family dogs. The two of my own in adulthood (Milo and Blake) I adopted as adults.

Patch the Jack Russell Whippet Cross

  • PATCH – My childhood JRT and the first dog I ever loved. He was a Jack Russell – Whippet cross and VERY fast! He once cocked his leg up and weed on me when I was about 9 years old! I was left heartbroken when he was hit by a car after escaping.

Suzy the Black and Tan Jack Russell

  • SUZY – My beautiful female black and tan Jack Russell who we had in our early teens and through to our twenties. My parents never neutered her – she got pregnant and ended up having 4 puppies! She lived until she was 15.

Milo – My first and special very own Jack Russell

  • MILO – Milo was an extremely special dog because he was the first dog that I got myself as an adult. The first dog that was really just MINE rather than the family dog. At one point I had Suzy at the same time when my mom developed a back problem, and they got on fine (other than one fight over a piece of potato peel). Milo came EVERYWHERE with me – to the pub, on the train for walks, to visit friends. We were kind of a package and I never felt so much grief as when Milo died. I was in my 30s and had him for 10 years straight living in Manchester, Liverpool, London and York. He lived until 16 years old but the last few months were tough as he was on heart meds and it was ‘borrowed time’. I felt like I’d lost my right arm when I lost that dog. I said there would never be another one because it upset me so much to lose him.

Blake – Our current Patterdale Jack Russell Cross

  • BLAKE! (Some people say that’s a funny dog name!) The year after I got married we talked about having another one – over two years after losing Milo. Ok, I said there wouldn’t be another one, but then you also deprive yourself of all of the love a dog can bring into your life. We rescued Blake, the brown Jack Russell Patterdale cross from the RSPCA. He needed rehabilitating and did very well with us (with a lot of training and attention!) He is now extremely settled and happy in the house. Outside on walkies…..he is on another level!

Welcome to my Jack Russell Blog!

On my Jack Russell blog I share stories about my life with Jack Russells including the funny and mischievous things that they get up to. I also share tips and tricks for new Jack Russell owners, including:

I’m also interesting in featuring other peoples stories about their Jack Russells. If you would like to feature your story, please contact me.

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