Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler 

Any crossbreed will have characteristics from the gene pool of both parents and the only thing to expect with this cross is an intelligent and tough companion. Let’s take a look at the Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler today.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a well known little dog with a big personality known to be fun-loving and cheeky.  Jack Russells are typically 20-30cm or 8-11.5” tall and Parson Russell Terriers (long-legged Jack Russell) generally are 25-35cm or 10-14″tall.

The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, is a less well known breed of medium-sized dog.  They have a laid back, chilled personality when they receive adequate exercise.  Blue Heelers were developed to work on the ranch all day, including protecting the livestock.  So, it is not surprising that they thrive on plenty of exercise.  They are approximately 43-50cm or 17-20″ in height and have a compact, chunky appearance. 

Both breeds are intelligent and love to spend time with their human family.  Both will go off exploring on their own and both need to have activities to work their intelligent, active minds.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

 When you buy a crossbred puppy, you are buying into a pup that could have personality traits and physical characteristics from one or both parents.  That means that this cross is likely to be highly intelligent, loyal and tough.  Both are outdoors dogs who love to spend time and out and about.


There is no hard and fast rule of what to expect from the appearance of this cross.  You could realistically expect a dog somewhere between the two in size. If the Jack Russell parent was a chunky type, then the offspring of this mix is likely to have a cobby appearance.  If you are crossing a Parson Russell Terrier, then the offspring might be finer and longer limbed than the short-legged, stockier Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler.

Colourwise, they may take on either colourway or a mixture of the colours from both parents backgrounds.

Many offspring from this cross do grow to midway between the two sizes. They frequently have the blue mottled coat characteristics of the Blue Heeler. They often have facial features midway between the two.  Large ears that stand up are a common trait and the blue heeler characteristic of a patch over one eye.  Sometimes they have a Jack Russell face with large stick up ears.


Likewise, the resulting offspring maybe Jack Russell like in activity levels, where they follow you around all day, occasionally going off to explore, but mostly as long as they are with you and have two nice walks a day they are happy with that level of activity.  Offspring that are more Blue Heeler like will require more exercise that includes some fast-paced exercise to keep them happy.

Offspring that fall somewhere in between is possibly what you are hoping for, but there is no guarantee.  If you want to cross a terrier with a blue heeler for running with, then the taller, finer Parson Russell terrier is an option that is more likely to produce a dog who loves to run and has endless fast activity energy.    


Because both breeds are loyal and highly intelligent, then it should be a given that the crossbred puppies will also be loyal and highly intelligent. Your work training them will pay off with an obedient but independent spirited, faithful companion.

The Jack Russell x Blue Heeler

Whilst breeding a crossbred litter usually has no certainties, this particular cross tends to be true to the type you’d expect and benefits from a guaranteed intelligent, outdoor-loving and loyal companion.

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