Jack Russell Pregnancy

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This article is about Jack Russell Pregnancy. You will read all about the risks, how long is a Jack Russell pregnancy, vet bills for pregnant Jack Russell and birth.

When can a Female Dog get Pregnant?

Jack Russell pregnancy begins when the female dog (called a bitch) enters into heat. At this time her vulva will swell and she will release an egg from her ovaries which can then be fertilized by sperm in the male’s penis during intercourse. This cycle of heat typically lasts between 6-14 days from its first day before returning to normal and beginning again on a new set of days. The majority of females do not produce eggs every time they go into heat so it may take more than one litter to produce puppies if desired.

How many Puppies can a Pregnant Jack Russell Carry?

Depending on the size of your Jack Russell, her heat cycle and how large her uterine environment is will determine how many puppies she can carry. The average Jack Russell pregnancy lasts between 58-60 days and ends with your pups being born.

Caring for your Pregnant Female Jack Russell Terrier

During this time, there is much that a dog owner should be aware of so that they can best care for their pregnant Jack Russell. The most important things to remember while caring for a pregnant Jack Russell are:

1) Take extra special care to avoid accidents! There have been cases of pregnant dogs who were accidentally locked in a bathroom with no one to care for them, or left out in the rain. It’s more important to look after her than ever when she is carrying puppies.

2) Give your dog the best diet you can, not only to help her get through her pregnancy and make sure she drinks water but also to keep her in top condition before she has puppies.

3) Know what type of prenatal vitamins your Jack Russell should be taking and when it is time for her to take them. During pregnancy, a dog’s liver and kidneys expand up to three times their normal size due to increased blood volume. This increases the amount of nutrients that are needed by each individual cell in these organs.

4) Take extra special care to avoid fights with your other pets! When you have a pregnant dog in the home, all of your pets should be kept in separate rooms or placed on leashes when walking during the pregnancy period. Male dogs or a bitch in heat can cause problems if left together without proper supervision.

5) Discuss with the vet what types of medications can be given for each stage of your pet’s pregnancy. It is important that you discuss this with them before the pregnancy occurs. This will allow you to make some advance preparations and ensure that there are no surprises later on in the pregnancy.

6) The last few weeks of a Jack Russell pregnancy are the most crucial. You should prepare for the puppies’ birth by setting up a nursery area in a room that you intend to keep all of your pets in. If your dog is on heat during her pregnancies then this room will also need to be kept quiet and dark at night to assist with sleeping and maintaining milk production.

7) There are some side effects that can happen during pregnancy such as extra hair loss, dandruff, and skin infections. Make sure that you keep up on your grooming schedule for your dog, she might feel unwell and be less likely to play if her coat is not groomed regularly.

8) Keep a close eye out for any signs that the dogs are not feeling well. If she’s always lethargic and can’t keep her head up, you should take her in to see the vet immediately. This is a sign that there could be something wrong.

9) You may want to investigate the costs associated with pregnancy and why you should take care of your pregnant pups yourself. Pet owners should know their puppy’s full health history from before and after conception through to their first year of life so they can make an informed decision on where they will want to go for veterinary care if needed in the future, or even get a second opinion if desired for any reason.

10) Know that every dog is different whether it be in size, breed or diet. The best advice you will be able to get is when you have your pup in the vet’s office and can speak with the vet and other Jack Russell owners who are going through the same thing.

All puppies are very unique and will have different needs throughout their lives depending on weather, temperature, diet and other circumstances. You must always take care of your dog no matter what age she is in since you never know what may happen at any moment.

Problems that may occur during Jack Russell Pregnancy

1) Cauda equina syndrome – The cauda equina syndrome is where a pregnant dog may develop back pain and even paralysis in her hind legs. There are several causes of this including infection, injury, developmental abnormalities or nerve damage. This can be treated by treating your pregnant dog with pain medicine as well as some other treatments often including chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, drugs (often Acepromazine), and surgery (if there is no response to other treatments).

As a precaution you should know what to do in case your dog has a miscarriage. If you notice dilated cervix, any blood in the vagina or stool, or increased pain and fever then you can take your dog to the veterinarian.

2) Failure to thrive (FAT) – If a dog does not gain enough weight during pregnancy, he may be at risk of death; however, this is a very rare occurrence. If your pregnant dog stops gaining weight or sees a drop in her body temperature for more than two days then he should be checked by a vet. The vet will do an ultrasound to check for fetal heartbeat and whether there are any problems. If there are no problems then your pregnant dog should slowly start adding on the right amount of food that he needs throughout his gestation period.

3) Umbilical cord compression – Compression of the pup’s umbilical cord is a rare occurrence and it is typically caused by a knot in the mother’s uterus. This is very painful and can be fatal. If your dog is losing blood then she may need to be taken into surgery or put on anti-coagulant medications until the uterus contracts. The dog’s puppies may also be dead if there is not intervention from surgery or medication.

Always have a Contingency Fund for Vet Bills

Most Jack Russell pregnancies run smoothly – my girl had 4 beautiful pups without the need for any veterinarian intervention. But we did have a vet on hand. If your dog is pregnant it is a good idea to have a contingency budget of at least £3000-£4000 in case of emergencies and in case of urgent surgery such as a cesarian.

Do you really need to Breed?

When our Jack Russell got pregnant it was actually an accident! It was when I was a child, so I was not directly responsible for the dog, but she got pregnant by a neighbours dog just after she was in heat. We managed to find homes for all four puppies, but it would have been ideal to have her spayed to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. I learnt from this experience and that’s why now I always rescue and have my dogs neutered (male and female) to avoid this.

If you are breeding, please consider the reason why you are breeding. Money is not really a reason, as they often cost more in vets bills and food than you make. With the growing number of unwanted pups, please consider whether you can encourage people to rescue Jack Russells rather than buy pups. There are so many unwanted puppies needing homes.

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