Jack Russell Cross

The Jack Russell cross is a mix between the Jack Russel Terrier and other breeds of terriers. This mix has been popular for decades and its popularity continues to grow. It can be hard to determine the exact percentage of breeds in this mix – some are bred as ‘designer hybrid dogs’ (which I’m not a fan of) and some are adopted and don’t really know what’s in the mix!

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How to tell what type of Jack Russell Cross you have

The only real way to tell what kind of Jack Russell Cross you have is to have a dog DNA test done. You can order these online and do them from home with your dogs saliva!

Jack Russell Cross Personality

The Jack Russell Cross personality varies depending on the individual dog’s personality traits. Some may have more dominant personalities while others are more submissive and friendly. Some may have more energy and some less energy. Of the dogs that are considered to be part of the Jack Russel cross, there is not a well defined personality and it can be difficult to predict how a particular dog will act.

Black and Tan Jack Russell

This mix is generally friendly towards humans, but may not always be quite as friendly with dogs or other pets being added. It’s important to always make sure that any new family or household members stay out of the way when a Jack Russel Cross puppy is playing. They’re just too small to take on adult dogs by themselves and could cause serious injury if they are knocked over and hit incorrectly during play time.

Is a Jack Russell Cross a good family pet?

There is no clear answer to this question. Like they say, ‘it depends’. It depends on how it was raised by its owner and what type of personality is in that particular dog. A Jack Russel Cross can be an excellent family pet if it gets the attention and love needed from its owner. However, just like any other dog, it needs plenty of attention and exercise or you run the risk of having a bored and even destructive dog. It can make for a great family pet if the owner takes an interest in the dog’s training needs.

Different Jack Russell Cross Dogs


The Jackapoo is a Jack Russell Poodle cross. These dogs are quite popular with owners who love Jack Russells but can’t handle the shedding or who are allergic to short haired dogs. The Jackapoo mix means that the cross breed inherits the hypoallergenic fur of the Poodle but retains the energetic traits of the Jack Russell.


Jack Russell Daschund Cross

The Jack Russell cross Daschund is basically a sausage Jack Russell! The body will be longer and the legs shorter. You will end up with a loyal crossbreed.

Jack Russell Border Cross

Jack Russell Terrier cross Border Terriers are a popular mixed breed of dog. They are a cross between the Jack Russell and the Border Terrier. This mixed breed is one of the most popular breeds in the United States, Canada, and UK for people who want to buy a dog as pet. It is believed that this mixed breed has been around since the 1800s when it was first bred in England. They will be fiesty and energtic due to this mix of working stock.

Jack Russell Poodle Cross

The main advantage of the Jack Russell Poodle Cross is that Jack Russells shed a lot of fur, but with a Jack Russell Poodle cross, this is much less likely to be the case due to the fur of the poodle, which is hypoallergenic. They are popular family pets with a bouncy and loving personality.


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