Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler 

Any crossbreed will have characteristics from the gene pool of both parents and the only thing to expect with this cross is an intelligent and tough companion. Let’s take a look at the Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler today.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a well known little dog with a big personality known to be fun-loving and cheeky.  Jack Russells are typically 20-30cm or 8-11.5” tall and Parson Russell Terriers (long-legged Jack Russell) generally are 25-35cm or 10-14″tall.

The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, is a less well known breed of medium-sized dog.  They have a laid back, chilled personality when they receive adequate exercise.  Blue Heelers were developed to work on the ranch all day, including protecting the livestock.  So, it is not surprising that they thrive on plenty of exercise.  They are approximately 43-50cm or 17-20″ in height and have a compact, chunky appearance. 

Both breeds are intelligent and love to spend time with their human family.  Both will go off exploring on their own and both need to have activities to work their intelligent, active minds.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

 When you buy a crossbred puppy, you are buying into a pup that could have personality traits and physical characteristics from one or both parents.  That means that this cross is likely to be highly intelligent, loyal and tough.  Both are outdoors dogs who love to spend time and out and about.


There is no hard and fast rule of what to expect from the appearance of this cross.  You could realistically expect a dog somewhere between the two in size. If the Jack Russell parent was a chunky type, then the offspring of this mix is likely to have a cobby appearance.  If you are crossing a Parson Russell Terrier, then the offspring might be finer and longer limbed than the short-legged, stockier Jack Russell cross Blue Heeler.

Colourwise, they may take on either colourway or a mixture of the colours from both parents backgrounds.

Many offspring from this cross do grow to midway between the two sizes. They frequently have the blue mottled coat characteristics of the Blue Heeler. They often have facial features midway between the two.  Large ears that stand up are a common trait and the blue heeler characteristic of a patch over one eye.  Sometimes they have a Jack Russell face with large stick up ears.


Likewise, the resulting offspring maybe Jack Russell like in activity levels, where they follow you around all day, occasionally going off to explore, but mostly as long as they are with you and have two nice walks a day they are happy with that level of activity.  Offspring that are more Blue Heeler like will require more exercise that includes some fast-paced exercise to keep them happy.

Offspring that fall somewhere in between is possibly what you are hoping for, but there is no guarantee.  If you want to cross a terrier with a blue heeler for running with, then the taller, finer Parson Russell terrier is an option that is more likely to produce a dog who loves to run and has endless fast activity energy.    


Because both breeds are loyal and highly intelligent, then it should be a given that the crossbred puppies will also be loyal and highly intelligent. Your work training them will pay off with an obedient but independent spirited, faithful companion.

The Jack Russell x Blue Heeler

Whilst breeding a crossbred litter usually has no certainties, this particular cross tends to be true to the type you’d expect and benefits from a guaranteed intelligent, outdoor-loving and loyal companion.

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Jack Russell Boxer Mix 

Jack Russell’s are small dogs with big personalities and their feisty nature is usually controllable in a small dog. However, put that amount of tenacious energy into a big dog body and things could get very interesting!  When breeds are crossed, you don’t know which characteristics the resulting offspring will have. They could be the best of both parents or the worst, although most people will be hoping for somewhere between the two.  

Due to the large size difference, the Jack Russell cross Boxer is likely to be due to an error rather than a deliberate choice, so you may be finding out about a dog you are thinking about that finds itself in a rescue centre or from someone whose Boxer bitch was caught by a romantic Jack Russell!

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell’s are a small breed of dog that was bred to go underground and flush out rabbits and foxes and to control vermin like rats and mice.  These days they are well known popular pets, and with good reason, Jack Russell’s have a cheeky nature and plenty of personality.   Weighing in at around 5-8Kg Jack Russell Terriers are about 20-30cm tall (or 8-11.5”). Parson Russell Terriers which are now a separate breed but are long-legged Jack Russells, are about 25-35cm or 10-14″ tall.  Jack Russell’s may be short, broken or wire coated.


Boxers are a medium to large breed, and the males are taller and broader than the females.  The males stand between 55-64cm or 22-25” to the shoulder and the females 53-58cm or 21-23”.  Male Boxers should have a broad, masculine face that is in perfect proportion to the size of the body.  Female Boxers have finer features, yet both have heads that are in perfect proportion with the size and shape of the body.  The muzzle is an important feature that should never be narrow, pointed, or brachycephalic but broad and compact.

The modern Boxer was developed in the late 1800s in Germany. Although Boxers have a long history, their forebearers were large hunting Mastiffs used in battle, even BC.  Both the Mastiffs and Boxers we see today bear little resemblance to those large and ferocious dogs.  Boxers are intelligent, energetic, courageous and alert.  Their appearance is athletic and always perfectly proportioned, in movement, they are powerful and cover the ground with ease.  They are short-coated and can be brindle, fawn or brindle with white markings.  You do occasionally see white Boxers, but this is considered a fault and the whites are prone to deafness.  Today’s Boxer’s are still active and need plenty of physical and mental exercise.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Boxer Mix

There is no certainty when two breeds are crossed. The offspring might have characteristics from either or both parents and in different amounts.  Both these breeds are intelligent, active and will guard their home.     


As with other mixes, the offspring could resemble one or other parent or a mixture of the two. So your Jack Russell cross Boxer could be anywhere between 8 and 25cm, most likely though they will be medium-sized or small medium-sized.  

Because the Jack Russell colouring is based on white. You may find yourself with a primarily white small Boxer or a brindle Jack Russell looking dog. Alternatively, your pup could be almost colour in between.   


Both breeds are intelligent and fun-loving.  Both require mental stimulation and both are loyal.  So you can expect your Jack Russell Boxer mix to have those attributes.  Remember, though that Jack Russells have big, cheeky personalities and will only do what they want to do, your cross could inherit these traits along with their love of going off exploring and hunting.


One thing is almost certain with this cross: they will be very active.  Jack Russell’s like to be busy, love spending time outdoors and Boxers need a minimum of two hours of physical exercise a day.  That means that the gene pool suggests this mix will be active and require plenty of physical activity. 

The Jack Russell x Boxer

Intelligent, active and fun-loving.  A dog you can take running, hiking and out with you all day.  Chances are your Jack Russell cross Boxer will be medium-sized, fast learner and quick thinker.

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Jack Russell Boston Terrier Cross 

Today’s article is all about the Jack Russell Boston Terrier Cross. When you cross any breed of dog with another breed, you do so with optimism and with particular traits in mind.  However, it should be remembered that the resulting offspring could have any combination of the characteristics from either parent.

Jack Russell terriers are well known cheeky little dogs known for their tenacity and outgoing personality. Jack Russells are typically 20-30cm or 8-11.5″ tall and Parson Russell Terriers (long-legged Jack Russells) are generally approximately 25-35cm or 10-14″tall.

Boston Terriers are actually classed as a bull breed by the Kennel Club.  They are quite different from terriers and are believed to have originated in Boston, USA, from a white terrier from England and a bull breed bitch.  Due to their brachycephalic faces, they also look very different to ‘other’ terriers too.  Boston Terriers have three different sizes based on weight being under 7Kg (15lbs),7 to below 9Kg (15 to below 20lbs) and 9 – 11Kg (20-25lbs).  They stand at around 38-43cm 15-18”. All sizes have the same appearance set off by their large upright ears over large, round dark eyes and their short brachycephalic muzzle.  

Boston terriers are well known for their kind nature and intelligence. They are generally laid back, although frequently they are described as stubborn too.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix


Like most crosses, it’s impossible to be certain of the appearance of the resulting puppies. Many offspring will take characteristics from both parent’s gene pool.  A litter could easily contain siblings who resemble one or other parent or look like a mixture between the two.  There might be a dog that looks like a miniature Boston Terrier or a taller, chunky Jack Russell, you may get a pup who looks like a Jack Russell with a brachycephalic face or some that look like Boston Terriers with longer muzzles; they may have stick up or drop-down ears or ears that endearingly fall midway between the two.

Regarding the colour, that can vary too, with pups taking on colourways typical from both breeds.  Although, the black and white of the Boston Terrier does seem to dominate.


Because both breeds are intelligent and companionable, your Jack Russell cross Boston Terrier can be expected to have an intelligent and companionable personality.  However, they may be cheeky and tenacious like the Jack Russell or more laid back and chilled like many Boston Terriers.  Jack Russells and Boston Terriers can also both have a stubborn streak, so there is a distinct possibility that your cross between the two may be stubborn depending on the DNA and characteristics they acquire. 


They are likely to need an average amount of physical exercise, but Jack Russell’s do love to spend time outside in a garden.  You can expect this cross not to be overly demanding regarding exercise; both breeds love to spend time chilling with the family.  Jack Russells do love to go exploring, so your mix may pick up that trait, and Boston’s are fast movers to get through a door, so you could have a lot of fun reigning them in too.

Because they are from intelligent breeds, pups from this mix will love plenty of mental stimulation to keep them interested and occupied.  They’ll love toys and games that tax them and things they have to puzzle out.

The Jack Russell x Boston Terrier

Due to the intelligence and personality of both parent breeds, you can expect an intelligent and fun dog from this mix.  Appearance might be a bit more hit and miss, but many of the offspring from this cross are very cute and appealing.

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Jack Russell Cavalier Cross 

What is a Jack Russell Cavalier Cross? What can you expect from their appearance and temperament?

The smallest of the spaniel breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The smallest of the spaniel breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a popular choice of pet dog.  Unlike their sporting cousins, the Springer and Cocker, that are bred to retrieve the Cavalier was developed and bred as a pet.  It’s a job they do very well.  They are happy, friendly and sociable.

The Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is also a popular choice of pet dog.  They are loved for their cheeky, fun-loving nature and are definitely a terrier at heart.  Jack Russell’s were developed to do down holes and flush out foxes and rabbits and despatch and control rats and mice.  

Both breeds make excellent lap dogs, companions and love to spend time with their people.  They are about the same size, with the Cavalier being a little bit bigger than most Jack Russell’s at around 30-35cm or 11.5-14″ compared to the Jack Russell size or around 20-30cm or 8-11.5”.  Both are intelligent, although the Cavelier is much more biddable and many Jack Russell’s will do something only if they want to.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Cavalier Cross

As with any crossbreed, there is no certainty about how the puppies will look and what their characteristics will be like.  That said, with Jack Russells and Cavaliers being about the same size and having similar colourways and both being intelligent lap dogs, you can safely have a good idea of what to expect.


People who have this mix wax lyrical about their great, friendly temperaments, playful and sociable natures and ease of training.  They are usually great with young children other dogs and are sociable.  Because of the affable and biddable natures of their Cavalier parent, you can expect this cross to be quieter and more relaxed than their Jack Russell ancestors too. 


Both breeds are intelligent. However, Cavaliers are easier to train, so you will hope your mix has that characteristic.  They thrive on working things out and if they want to do something, they will find a way.


Physically, they may resemble either of their parents or look like a combination of the two.  Sometimes this mix is very easy to work out what the cross is, and some look like Jack Russell’s with bigger ears or a wider jawline, or they look like small Beagles.  The cross frequently has the characteristic eyebrows and smiley face of the Cavalier. 

Their colour tends to be predominately white with black, brown or a combination known as tricolour.  The brown shade can vary from a pale lemon type colour through to the mahogany brown of the traditional tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Younger Cavalier Jack Russell crosses tend to require plenty of exercise, playtime and stimulation.  As they mature, just like their parents, they are likely to mellow and be happy with less exercise as long as they can spend time with their humans.  Of course, you may have a cross with a terrier mentality who wants to go off hunting all the time, but that is something that you can manage with toys and stimulation if it is undesirable for you.  

The Jack Russell cross Cavalier

You can expect lovely, happy little dogs who will fit into your lifestyle happily as long as they have time with you, stimulation and regular exercise.   

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Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross

Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross

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We all want to know what certain Jack Russell crosses might look like, especially if you have adopted a crossbreed puppy. Well today, we are going to have a look at the Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross – commonly known as the Jackpom, Jack-a-pom or Jackaranian!

What is a Jack Russell Pomeranian cross?

The Jack Russell Pomeranian cross is a breed of dog developed from two different groups of dogs to create a new hybrid breed. Their body types and abilities are similar to that of the two breeds but they have been crossed with one of their parents. This means that you will get variety in this hybrid breed.

Appearance of the What is a Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross?

They often end up looking like a Jack Russell but much fluffier! They will probably inherit the coat of the Pom and may have a slightly smaller head than the usual JRT. Most have small triangular drop ears. The tail may curve upwards and be more hairy than the usual JRT tail.

Personality and Temperament

The Jack Russell Pom cross is a small, energetic dog that can learn tricks and perform them with ease. They are loyal and have high levels of intelligence which allows them to make ideal companions or family dogs.

Energy Levels

The Jack Russell Pomeranian hybrid was initially bred to be very energetic and quick witted, and they have since adapted this trait into their personality while retaining the intelligence from their parent breeds. They are small in size, have high energy levels, and are very fast learners. They can run for long periods of time without tiring and may even keep up with adult dogs on walks due to their natural stamina.

Their curiosity can lead them to take risks, so they should be kept on a leash when outside and supervised at all times.

Why we are not a fan of purposely breeding Hybrid Dogs

Just a note on Hybrid breeds – we are all for adopting mongrels or mixed breeds. The problem with these hybrid breeds is that they have become ‘designer dog’ that backyard breeders are profiting from. We are against breeders who are in the dog business purely for the profit and who don’t care about the animals or don’t have the dogs welfare in mind.

So a general note is people who are able to should adopt – don’t shop. However, we recognise that rescue is not for everyone so weigh up whether this is right for you.

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Jack Russell Mix Breeds

Jack Russell Mix Breeds

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Jack Russell mix breeds are mutts that are a cross between the popular Jack Russell Terrier and other dog breeds. These mixes are commonly available in private homes, shelters and rescue organizations. Most Jack Russell mix dogs make great pets for single or multiple dog households. But there are some dogs out there who can be loud and energetic, requiring lots of time to play as well as exercise in order for them to stay healthy and happy.

Jack Russell Mix Breeds

  • Jackapoo – Jack Russell Poodle cross
  • Jack Chi – Jack Russell Chihuahua cross
  • Jack Angus – Jack Russell Terrier and the American Eskimo Dog
  • Jack Tzu – Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross
  • Jack Auzzie – Jack Russell Terrier and the Australian Shepherd
  • Jackabee – Jack Russell Beagle Cross
  • Jackschund- Jack Russell Daschund
  • Jug- Jack Russell Pug Cross
  • Jackaranian – Jack Russell Pomeranian
  • Jackawhip – Jack Russell Whippet Cross
  • Patterjack – Patterdale terrier and Jack Russell Cross


The Jack-A-poo is one of the most popular of all cross breeds between the Jack Russel Terrier and a poodle. The Jack-A-poo is a hybrid dog with the sweet temperament and appearance of a poodle, but with the playfulness and intelligence of a Jack Russel terrier. The average lifespan of a Jack-A-poo is 10 to 15 years and are very active dogs that need plenty of exercise and attention. Jackapoo puppies are just like other pups: they can be naughty at times, but they require little maintenance throughout their lives. The average size for a Jackapoo is somewhere between 3 to 20 pounds, depending on which side of the breed you find more dominant in appearance. Their coats come in browns, reds and brindles.

Jack Chi

TheJack-Chi is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua. This hybrid dog is an athletic dog that needs plenty of exercise, interaction with their family members and lots of toys. The average lifespan of the Jack-Chi averages around 10 to 15 years. It’s essentially a mini Jack Russell!

Jack Russell Mix Breeds Jack Chi
Scampi the Jack Chi – Photo by Ann Davis on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/anned/5710985493/

Jack Angus

The Jack Angus is a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the American Eskimo Dog (AKC). They are well known as great family dogs that enjoy being part of the family, although they may not always be as playful as other dogs. The Jack Angus can make any home feel like home by being attitude free and laid back around everyone. Their coat is usually red or brindle and what separates them from other dogs is their tail is docked.

Jack Tzu

A Jack Tzu is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Shih-Tzu. You are likely to end up with a Shih-Tzu type dog but with a slightly longer nose. Or basically, a very hairy Jack Russell! A Jack Tzu will need a lot of grooming and possibly a few trips to the Pooch Parlour.

Jack Aussie

The Jack Aussie is a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Australian Shepherd (AKC). The Jack Aussie can be energetic and playful as well as laid back at times throughout their lives. They are very intelligent, learn fast and are one of the most stable dogs to have in a home. The average lifespan of a Jack Aussie is around 12 to 15 years. The coats come in either reds, brown or brindles with some having white markings on them as well.


The Jackabee is a cross between a Beagle Jack Russell Cross. Beagles are very friendly by nature and so a Jackabee is likely to become a very loving family pet. They are also highly food motivated which is great for training – but go easy on the scraps as they can gain weight.

Jack Russell Beagle Cross



The Jaschund is a cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a Daschund. With this cross breed you will probably end up with an elongated Jack Russell, or a sausage dog with Jack Russell markings on their fur! They are totally lovable! Because Daschunds are prone to back problems due to their elongated spine it is important that they don’t put on too much weight as this can put pressure on their spine and result in injury.


The Jug is a Jack Russell and pug cross. This type of cross breed will probably look pug – like but with an elongated nose and potential Jack Russell markings. Going for a Jack Russell pug could be a good idea because the slightly longer nose would limit the amount of breathing problems that seem to affect full pedigree pugs.

Jack Russell Pug Cross 1
Jack Russell Pug cross puppy


A Jackaranian or Pom-Jack/Jack-Pom is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and Pomeranian. The result is a Jack Russell type dog slightly on the smaller side and often with larger ears.


The Jackawhip is a Jack Russell Whippet Cross dog that is an energetic dog, fast runner and a great family pet. This type of cross breed will probably look like a long legged Jack Russell with a longer and slimmer nose. These dogs need a great amount of exercise and need to be able to have the space to run free.


A Patterjack is one of the cutest Jack Russell Mix Breeds – a cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a Patterdale terrier. They will have a cute face with drop ears. Some retain Jack Russell markings, but many retain the Patterdale terrier block colour – all black or all brown. They are VERY prey driven and so recall can be a challenge with these doggos.

Like all dogs, these Jack Russell Mix Breeds will need a lot of training, exercise and loving care. Make sure that you research dog training methods and where to exercise your dog before bringing one into the family.

What is a Jack Russell Pitbull Cross like

What is a Jack Russell Pitbull Cross like?

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Both Jack Russells and Pitbulls are dogs that have a high prey drive, muscular stature and strong jaws.  Both are intelligent and love people.

As this is a Jack Russell site, I’m going to assume you know a bit about Jack Russells, so I’ll begin by giving a rundown of the Pitbull.

Pitbull is a generic term to cover the bull group of dogs in the USA.  The name covers the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and the American Bulldog.  The term also tends to incorporate cross breeds or those of uncertain parentage who exhibit the visual characteristics of the Pitbull type in USA.

Pitbulls are a type of dog who have suffered a bad reputation due to bad owners, lack of training and breeding programmes specifically for breeding aggression for fighting and baiting.  However, despite their poor press, many Pitbulls love people, have lovely temperaments and are great family pets.  Fortunately there are also people who advocate for them and breed for temperament, health and intelligence.  Good Pitbulls are loving and loyal family pets – just like Jack Russells.

As you probably know Jack Russells too have suffered certain notoriety due to their hunting and fighting instincts.  So putting the two together may not seem a natural progression for either.  However, people do cross them and the results vary.


Regarding appearance as with other cross breeds it’s impossible to have any certainty how the pups will look.  The sensible anticipation is for some of the litter to taking after each parent and some being part way between the two.  The average result is a medium sized dog with this cross.


 The Jack Pit as the cross is affectionately known has developed a reputation for its loving, friendly temperament, they love everyone!

Just as with other terriers considerate socialisation is required regarding other dogs and other animals.  Once the training is done, they are just like any other socialised dog unless a fight kicks off at which stage they are likely to wade in and get involved.

Because they are intelligent they love training and learning new things.  Regular training helps to exercise them mentally and physically.  However, it is fair to say that they are a mix that easily “forget” what recall means.


Pitbulls and Jack Russells are both known for their stamina.  Consequently, your Jack Pit will need plenty of exercise and they thrive on activities such as cani-cross and running and swimming with their owners.  Expect to give an adult Jack Pit at least two x thirty minutes of exercise per day and they will need plenty of outdoor space to roam around.

Take a look at the pictures and there are some really cute Jack Russell x Pitbulls out there and I guess that in America they see the cross as a way of cutifying Pitbulls to help their reputation.  Generally, as long as you are very experienced with high prey drive, high training needs dogs and if you want a medium sized dog that needs a lot of exercise then you may want to consider a Jack Pit.   Otherwise, stick to a Jack Russell at least you can pick them up!

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Jack Russell Border Collie Cross

Jack Russell Border Collie Cross

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A Jack Russell Border Collie cross is a relatively new mix of two breeds, the Border Collie and the Jack Russell Terrier. The Border Collie was originally bred to herd sheep while the Terrier was bred to hunt foxes.

For centuries the two breeds were kept apart by physical separation of farms and by social conventions that led people to believe that Crosses would be undesirable in both farm and hunting environments. This segregation ended in 1993 with a single breeding that created Quint, who showed exceptional herding abilities from an early age.

The original intent of this cross’s breeder, Debbie Lopes, was to create an all-around dog suited for life as a working animal.

What does a Jack Russell Border Collie Cross look like?

The physical requirements for the working cross are:

– Height between 24-29 inches tall at the shoulder. Dogs that are extreme in size and weight will not have the speed necessary to herd sheep and cattle, nor will they have the endurance to work all day.

Dogs that are small are less suited to working because they will not be able to move larger animals. Small dogs are usually better suited for agility events or as pets because they do not like being ordered around (as do some Border Collies).

  • Larger dogs, however, may have more endurance than a Border Collie which can lead to excessive energy requirements.
  • Life expectancy of twelve to fifteen years.
  • Relatively easy to train. The ability to learn is one of the most important traits of this breed.
  • Normal amount and type of coat in a non-shedding variety (everywhere except for around the ears, feet, and tail). This coat will be thicker in winter and finer during warmer months. It can normally be managed with a rake or pin brush and should require little more grooming than an average dog. The coat should also be able to resist the elements of weather and various climates.
  • Genetic predisposition to have a bold personality without being overly aggressive.
  • Ability to learn how to work with sheep and cattle from an early age in a supervised setting. The ability to work with other animals is desirable as well.
  • Ability to find livestock by scent alone, which is why this breed should not be used for pet retrieval and needs less exposure to different environments before being trained.
  • Moderate size, unlike some dog breeds associated with herding that are known to have a small body and large head. This is important for the Jack Russell Border Collie Cross because, if they do not have a massive bone structure or wide head, they will be unable to control larger animals.

Behaviour and Temperament

The behavioral characteristics of the Jack Russell Border Collie Cross are:

  • A bold personality with high endurance. These dogs are natural hunters and herders and will be eager to learn new things. However, they will need a lot of patience and consistency in order to be trained properly.
  • Great companions because they are affectionate and independent at the same time. They do not need excessive amounts of attention, but will give as much love as they receive from their master or family members.

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Jack Russell Beagle Cross

Jack Russell Beagle Cross

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If you’re looking for a new pup, you may want to consider the Jack Russell Beagle cross. This crossbreed is a mix of two different purebreds: the smaller and more agile Jack Russell Terrier and the larger, longer-legged Beagle.

As far as temperament goes, they are known for being bold, friendly dogs who generally get along with everyone. The Beagle’s sense of smell makes it easy to train these dogs because they love to follow their noses wherever they lead them.

If you decide to get a Jack Russell Beagle, here are some things you should know.

Pure or Crossbreed?

First things first: when you go into a shelter or rescue to adopt your new dog, don’t be fooled into thinking that all dogs with “Jack Russell” in their name are purebred. Just because they share the same name, that doesn’t mean they share the same looks or temperament. Some shelters even mistakenly think that they’re referring to Jack Russell Terriers when they say “Jack Russell.” They’re not! Be sure to ask for proof of the dog’s heritage before you decide if he’s right for you and your family.

The Origins of Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are believed to have originated in the United Kingdom, somewhere around the end of the 19th century. Since then, they’ve been used as hunting dogs mainly in England and Ireland. The Jack Russell Beagle was developed during World War II by a British soldier who kept several Beagles with him on his military bases in Ireland to help protect them from being eaten by other animals (especially foxes). Later, he crossed those dogs with American Jack Russell Terriers and began breeding them for companionship. These little dogs quickly grew into smaller versions of their bigger cousins’ size and personality.

Appearance of a Jack Russell Beagle Cross

The Jack Russell Beagle cross can be any size but usually weighs 10 to 18 pounds. They have combinations of colors that include red, white, orange, black, brown and yellow. Their long ears are set low on their heads and hang down a bit at the base. Their eyes tend to be round and dark in color. Their furry tails come to a point at the tip. Some have flaps of skin on their front legs and have longer faces than most Beagles. Their short coats are soft, wavy or straight and silky in texture.

As for grooming, you’ll want to brush their coats often to keep them from getting too tangled and to keep them healthy. They don’t need professional grooming but a simple combing and brushing should do it. Their nails will need regular trimming, too.

Temperament of the Jack Russell Beagle Cross

Above all else, the Jack Russell Beagle is well known for being extremely energetic. This breed needs lots of exercise and play time with you in order to be happy pets. They crave attention from their owners and love spending time with their families outside or inside the home (as long as they’re not left home alone for too long). They are very loyal dogs who tend to follow their owners around the house wherever they go. They also enjoy playing with their owners and will be very active whenever you’re there to play with them.

Because they are so energetic, this dog breed should be taken on four- to five-hour walks each day. Without enough exercise, they may become destructive in the home or act out from boredom. When living in an apartment, you’ll need to get a dog walker that comes early in the morning before work or stay late after work to give these dogs a chance to run around for a bit and burn off some excess energy. In addition, they need lots and lots of toys and puzzles during those times between walks.

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Jack Russell Shih Tzu Cross Dog

Jack Russell Shih tzu Cross

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The Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross is a designer breed that is a result of crossbreeding the Jack Russell with the Shih Tzu. Though it may seem like an unusual mix to some, this breed has grown in popularity and can make great companions.

This article will go over everything you need to know about this adorable mix such as what they’re like, how their personality differs from both their parents, and how they fare in regards to living with allergies.

Appearance of the Jack Russell Shih Tzu Cross

Appearance wise, the Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross looks quite different from the parent breeds. The fur of this breed comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to black and can be short or long. Their coat is soft and thick, and there is minimal shedding as well. Though their hair may feel coarse at first, it will soften up after regular grooming.

This breed varies widely in size despite their small frame because they inherit their height from the Shih Tzu and their weight from the Jack Russell. Depending on the bloodline, you can expect your Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross to be anywhere from 8 to 16 inches high and weigh anywhere from 13 to 30 pounds.


The personality of your Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross will vary depending on how exactly it was raised as well as how much each parent’s genes come through in the pup. Generally, these pups have a spirited demeanor which stems from their playful parent, the Jack Russell. Their temperament is playful and affectionate toward their owner(s) and can be protective toward them as well.

Their playfulness can sometimes be misconstrued as stubbornness. They can be tough to housetrain due to a lot of their energy and will not want to stay in their crate or kennel unless you use it as a bed for them. They also have an affinity for toys and chew things like ropes, shoes, and bones, so you should keep these items out of their reach.

Health and Living Conditions

Because this breed comes from two small breeds that don’t have much hair, wear, or tear, the Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross is fairly low maintenance. Their short coats mean that they require no special grooming unless it starts to get really bad between baths. They don’t have any skin allergies as far as we know, but check your Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross’s ears and paws for signs of an infection by a veterinarian.

Caring for their paws can be tricky because they are small and can grow to be quite sensitive later on. If they do get in trouble with their nails, you should clip their nails regularly to avoid matting so that it doesn’t get infected. Be sure to use a good pet nail clipper designed specifically for dogs that won’t hurt them when using it.

The Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross isn’t a small dog by any means, so they also require more space than most other small breeds. They require a good amount of exercise to maintain their health and well being as well. You should plan on taking them for at least two walks every day, one of which can be longer and more rigorous if you want to do so. They enjoy hikes and sprints as well, and could even do agility training if you are up for it (it would be fun to watch!).

Training a Jack Russell Shih Tzu Cross

Training this breed is easy because they are intelligent dogs that love to please their master(s). Though they can be stubborn, they are still easy to train and will be eager to please. All that is required is lots of patience and praise when they do something right.

Housetraining this breed is not always an easy task, but it can be done with consistency and an abundance of good treats. The Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross doesn’t understand the concept of personal space easily, so you may have to move furniture out of their way or make them a strict boundary that you don’t want them to cross. Keep training sessions short at first since they can get overwhelmed if you hold it for too long.

History of the Breed

The Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross can trace its lineage back to the early 2000s when the breed was originally developed. The first four Jack Russell Shih Tzu crosses were created by a man named Joe Hyer at his kennel in Georgia. He bred a male Shih Tzu dog he named Chu to a female Jack Russell bitch he owned named Tracy. Chu and Tracy produced three puppies, and after they matured, Joe paired them with other dogs from each parent breed for further breeding.

Since Chu was a male, he was only able to produce more Jack Russell Shih Tzu crosses through artificial insemination with his own sperm. While Chu’s offspring were genetically pure, he and Tracy were already too old to breed more pups. Fortunately, their offspring bred with other dogs of the same breed were able to produce new Jack Russell Shih Tzu crosses.

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