Jack Russell Cross Dachshund

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Featured image credit: Jack Russell Cross Dachshund by Heather Smithers on Flickr

Having a pet at home, especially one that is loyal and adorable, has been a common trend for many people today because of the benefits that come from it. For example, they will be there for you when you’re feeling down to cheer your mood up or just keep your company while you are home. You might want to adopt a dog such as the Jack Russell cross daschund. The cross between these two breeds is calmer than the other one and can be trained easily with patience and time. They also do not have health issues like some other breeds so it’s easier on them too.

In a Jack Russell cross dachshund, there is a brachycephalic head. They can become very active and can also run faster than other breeds. This is why it is very good for those who are out of shape because they will run only for a short time only to go back to their resting spot.

One thing that makes the Jack Russel cross daschund ideal for families with children is that it can be housetrained easily due to its decent obedience. They also have an extremely strong bond with people so they are not likely to bite anyone if possible.

Sometimes, it may take some time to train your Jack Russell cross daschund but with the correct training, they will learn how to behave nicely and be obedient in your house. They are also good guard dogs so you should have a fence to keep them safe so that they will not get into trouble.

Jack Russell Cross Dachshunds are very social dog because they love to make many friends. You might want to place one in a place where there is enough room for them to move around because when they are confined, it can be fatal for them.

Jack Russell Cross Dachshunds will need medical attention regularly such as vaccinations, regular checkups at a vet and dental care. It is also important to know that they can be easily affected by illness so you need to take them to the doctor before in case you see any symptoms.

Another thing that you might want to consider when making a Jack Russel cross daschund your pet is that they are not suitable for apartments because it needs more space than others. You should buy one only if you’re planning of buying a house soon.

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