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I’ve been hearing a lot in the news about Jack Russell Terriers recently, but I had no idea they were so small. Turns out, they’re actually quite small and can come in sizes anywhere from 11 to 20 pounds! So let’s take a more detailed look at the Jack Russell Size…

What is the Size of a Jack Russell?

In case you were wondering, most of the Jack Russell Terrier breeds are typically around 10-14 inches tall and the typical Jack Russell weight is between 11-20 lbs. But not every Jack Russell is this size. The miniature Jack Russell Terrier is usually between 12-18 inches tall and weigh 15-25 lbs.

Remember that there are Different Types of Jack Russell

What separates the two main sizes (Jack Russell and Miniature Jack Russell) is that the compact Jack Russell Terrier is more of a pet while the miniature Jack Russell Terriers are more of a show dog. You can still enjoy the company of your pet even though he’s quite small.

A Miniature Jack Russell Terrier Pup (the smaller of the two) might be easier to take care of, but the compact Jack Russell Terriers have all the same characteristics that make them great family dogs… they’re smart, lively, playful, loyal and very affectionate with their humans. Just like their larger cousins.

The Origins of the Breed

The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that comes from the rural areas of England and Wales and its history can be traced back to the 1800’s. They were originally thought to be terriers but today we know that they are actually more closely related to the foxhound, which was also imported from England.  Jack Russell Terriers enjoy being clean dogs, so most of them would rather run around outside than inside your house.

The Jack Russell Terrier dates back as far as 18th century England. This is also when it became associated with fox hunting and fierce fox-hunting dogs were used during this time period.

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