Jack Russell Pug Cross

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The Jack Russell Pug cross, also known as the Japug is a cross-breed dog that has its roots in the Pug and the Jack Russell Terrier. It is an exceptional mix that differs from many other types of mixes because it does not usually cause any health problems for either parent breed.

The Japug (or Jug!) usually weighs around 20 pounds with males being just a little bit bigger than females. Female dogs are somewhat smaller than male dogs, but they have a strong resemblance to Pugs with all their features – long face, short muzzle, curled tail and wrinkled skin to name just a few.

The Japug is an amazingly affectionate and loyal dog that gets along excellently with children owing to its gentle temperament. The Japug is not aggressive and has a great disposition. It gets along well with other dogs, but it does not have any specific skills apart from basic obedience.

Since the Japug is a small cross-breed dog, it needs only minimal exercise and walks in which it can run freely are enough to keep it happy. However, as all breeds of dogs, this cross-breed needs both physical and mental stimulation for its wellbeing and health. Playtime for these dogs should be an essential part of their daily routine as they have a lot of energy to release every day.

This cross-breed is most commonly found in the United States and some parts of the United Kingdom. There are many internet forums devoted to Japugs where you can find out more about its characteristics if you are interested in one. However, as with all cross-breed dogs, it is important to research into its background thoroughly before you purchase one.

It is important to educate yourself on the particular traits and characteristics of this mix so that you can provide your dog with a happy and healthy life for many years to come. Originally, this breed was bred only for companionship and since then people have found that they make excellent pets and family dogs.

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