Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross

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We all want to know what certain Jack Russell crosses might look like, especially if you have adopted a crossbreed puppy. Well today, we are going to have a look at the Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross – commonly known as the Jackpom, Jack-a-pom or Jackaranian!

What is a Jack Russell Pomeranian cross?

The Jack Russell Pomeranian cross is a breed of dog developed from two different groups of dogs to create a new hybrid breed. Their body types and abilities are similar to that of the two breeds but they have been crossed with one of their parents. This means that you will get variety in this hybrid breed.

Appearance of the What is a Jack Russell Pomeranian Cross?

They often end up looking like a Jack Russell but much fluffier! They will probably inherit the coat of the Pom and may have a slightly smaller head than the usual JRT. Most have small triangular drop ears. The tail may curve upwards and be more hairy than the usual JRT tail.

Personality and Temperament

The Jack Russell Pom cross is a small, energetic dog that can learn tricks and perform them with ease. They are loyal and have high levels of intelligence which allows them to make ideal companions or family dogs.

Energy Levels

The Jack Russell Pomeranian hybrid was initially bred to be very energetic and quick witted, and they have since adapted this trait into their personality while retaining the intelligence from their parent breeds. They are small in size, have high energy levels, and are very fast learners. They can run for long periods of time without tiring and may even keep up with adult dogs on walks due to their natural stamina.

Their curiosity can lead them to take risks, so they should be kept on a leash when outside and supervised at all times.

Why we are not a fan of purposely breeding Hybrid Dogs

Just a note on Hybrid breeds – we are all for adopting mongrels or mixed breeds. The problem with these hybrid breeds is that they have become ‘designer dog’ that backyard breeders are profiting from. We are against breeders who are in the dog business purely for the profit and who don’t care about the animals or don’t have the dogs welfare in mind.

So a general note is people who are able to should adopt – don’t shop. However, we recognise that rescue is not for everyone so weigh up whether this is right for you.

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