Jack Russell Boston Terrier Cross 

Today’s article is all about the Jack Russell Boston Terrier Cross. When you cross any breed of dog with another breed, you do so with optimism and with particular traits in mind.  However, it should be remembered that the resulting offspring could have any combination of the characteristics from either parent.

Jack Russell terriers are well known cheeky little dogs known for their tenacity and outgoing personality. Jack Russells are typically 20-30cm or 8-11.5″ tall and Parson Russell Terriers (long-legged Jack Russells) are generally approximately 25-35cm or 10-14″tall.

Boston Terriers are actually classed as a bull breed by the Kennel Club.  They are quite different from terriers and are believed to have originated in Boston, USA, from a white terrier from England and a bull breed bitch.  Due to their brachycephalic faces, they also look very different to ‘other’ terriers too.  Boston Terriers have three different sizes based on weight being under 7Kg (15lbs),7 to below 9Kg (15 to below 20lbs) and 9 – 11Kg (20-25lbs).  They stand at around 38-43cm 15-18”. All sizes have the same appearance set off by their large upright ears over large, round dark eyes and their short brachycephalic muzzle.  

Boston terriers are well known for their kind nature and intelligence. They are generally laid back, although frequently they are described as stubborn too.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix


Like most crosses, it’s impossible to be certain of the appearance of the resulting puppies. Many offspring will take characteristics from both parent’s gene pool.  A litter could easily contain siblings who resemble one or other parent or look like a mixture between the two.  There might be a dog that looks like a miniature Boston Terrier or a taller, chunky Jack Russell, you may get a pup who looks like a Jack Russell with a brachycephalic face or some that look like Boston Terriers with longer muzzles; they may have stick up or drop-down ears or ears that endearingly fall midway between the two.

Regarding the colour, that can vary too, with pups taking on colourways typical from both breeds.  Although, the black and white of the Boston Terrier does seem to dominate.


Because both breeds are intelligent and companionable, your Jack Russell cross Boston Terrier can be expected to have an intelligent and companionable personality.  However, they may be cheeky and tenacious like the Jack Russell or more laid back and chilled like many Boston Terriers.  Jack Russells and Boston Terriers can also both have a stubborn streak, so there is a distinct possibility that your cross between the two may be stubborn depending on the DNA and characteristics they acquire. 


They are likely to need an average amount of physical exercise, but Jack Russell’s do love to spend time outside in a garden.  You can expect this cross not to be overly demanding regarding exercise; both breeds love to spend time chilling with the family.  Jack Russells do love to go exploring, so your mix may pick up that trait, and Boston’s are fast movers to get through a door, so you could have a lot of fun reigning them in too.

Because they are from intelligent breeds, pups from this mix will love plenty of mental stimulation to keep them interested and occupied.  They’ll love toys and games that tax them and things they have to puzzle out.

The Jack Russell x Boston Terrier

Due to the intelligence and personality of both parent breeds, you can expect an intelligent and fun dog from this mix.  Appearance might be a bit more hit and miss, but many of the offspring from this cross are very cute and appealing.

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