Jack Russell Boxer Mix 

Jack Russell’s are small dogs with big personalities and their feisty nature is usually controllable in a small dog. However, put that amount of tenacious energy into a big dog body and things could get very interesting!  When breeds are crossed, you don’t know which characteristics the resulting offspring will have. They could be the best of both parents or the worst, although most people will be hoping for somewhere between the two.  

Due to the large size difference, the Jack Russell cross Boxer is likely to be due to an error rather than a deliberate choice, so you may be finding out about a dog you are thinking about that finds itself in a rescue centre or from someone whose Boxer bitch was caught by a romantic Jack Russell!

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell’s are a small breed of dog that was bred to go underground and flush out rabbits and foxes and to control vermin like rats and mice.  These days they are well known popular pets, and with good reason, Jack Russell’s have a cheeky nature and plenty of personality.   Weighing in at around 5-8Kg Jack Russell Terriers are about 20-30cm tall (or 8-11.5”). Parson Russell Terriers which are now a separate breed but are long-legged Jack Russells, are about 25-35cm or 10-14″ tall.  Jack Russell’s may be short, broken or wire coated.


Boxers are a medium to large breed, and the males are taller and broader than the females.  The males stand between 55-64cm or 22-25” to the shoulder and the females 53-58cm or 21-23”.  Male Boxers should have a broad, masculine face that is in perfect proportion to the size of the body.  Female Boxers have finer features, yet both have heads that are in perfect proportion with the size and shape of the body.  The muzzle is an important feature that should never be narrow, pointed, or brachycephalic but broad and compact.

The modern Boxer was developed in the late 1800s in Germany. Although Boxers have a long history, their forebearers were large hunting Mastiffs used in battle, even BC.  Both the Mastiffs and Boxers we see today bear little resemblance to those large and ferocious dogs.  Boxers are intelligent, energetic, courageous and alert.  Their appearance is athletic and always perfectly proportioned, in movement, they are powerful and cover the ground with ease.  They are short-coated and can be brindle, fawn or brindle with white markings.  You do occasionally see white Boxers, but this is considered a fault and the whites are prone to deafness.  Today’s Boxer’s are still active and need plenty of physical and mental exercise.

What to Expect from a Jack Russell Boxer Mix

There is no certainty when two breeds are crossed. The offspring might have characteristics from either or both parents and in different amounts.  Both these breeds are intelligent, active and will guard their home.     


As with other mixes, the offspring could resemble one or other parent or a mixture of the two. So your Jack Russell cross Boxer could be anywhere between 8 and 25cm, most likely though they will be medium-sized or small medium-sized.  

Because the Jack Russell colouring is based on white. You may find yourself with a primarily white small Boxer or a brindle Jack Russell looking dog. Alternatively, your pup could be almost colour in between.   


Both breeds are intelligent and fun-loving.  Both require mental stimulation and both are loyal.  So you can expect your Jack Russell Boxer mix to have those attributes.  Remember, though that Jack Russells have big, cheeky personalities and will only do what they want to do, your cross could inherit these traits along with their love of going off exploring and hunting.


One thing is almost certain with this cross: they will be very active.  Jack Russell’s like to be busy, love spending time outdoors and Boxers need a minimum of two hours of physical exercise a day.  That means that the gene pool suggests this mix will be active and require plenty of physical activity. 

The Jack Russell x Boxer

Intelligent, active and fun-loving.  A dog you can take running, hiking and out with you all day.  Chances are your Jack Russell cross Boxer will be medium-sized, fast learner and quick thinker.

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