Jack Russell Weight

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The Jack Russell Terrier is a small but powerful dog. The breed is known for hunting and chasing small prey – often to the point of exhaustion. But what is the typical Jack Russell Weight? Full grown, this breed typically weighs between 14-16 lbs.

What’s the weight of a Jack Russell Terrier?

According to the breed standard of the Jack Russell Terrier, males should be between 14-16 lbs when they’re full grown. The same standard states that females should be between 14-15 lbs. If you’re planning on welcoming a JR into your family, you’ll want to know what their adult weight will be – especially if you have small children or other pets in your home!

How much does a healthy Jack Russell Terrier weigh?

Because the JR makes for such an energetic dog, it’s important that he gets good nutrition and plenty of exercise. You can expect your dog to reach his or her adult weight relatively quickly – usually within the span of several months.

It’s not uncommon for well-fed and exercised Jack Russells to reach their full adult weight of 14-16 lbs in as little as six months! If you plan on bringing a puppy into your home, be sure that he gets regular exercise – this will help to keep him from gaining too much weight. As with all small dogs, check periodically for signs of illness (and take them immediately to the vet if you notice any symptoms). This is particularly important during the first year of life – though normally healthy dogs are not prone to developing life-threatening diseases until they’re about two years old.

Avoid an Over-Weight Jack Russell

Over feeding your Jack Russell can result in an over-weight dog. This can have negative consequences on your Jack Russell’s health. For example, it can put pressure on their joints and back. Remember to have regular vet check ups on an annual basis where your dogs health and weight will be monitored by a medical professional.

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