Black and Tan Jack Russell

My second dog Suzy was a gorgeous Black and Tan Jack Russell. She had a black body but tan eyebrows and tan paws with sticking up ears. She was Jack Russell through and through but her markings made her more unique. She was a special dog!

The Black and Tan Jack Russell

The black and tan Jack Russell will look like the traditional Jack Russell but won’t have the white body with black and brown markings that they usually have. A black and tan Jack Russell may be all black with tan markings on the feet and eyebrows or all tan with black markings. Some people say that they are crossbreeds, but many recognise them as a Jack Russell or at least Jack Russell cross. They are generally rarer than the traditional Jack Russell.

What is the Personality of the Black and Tan Jack Russell?

The black and tan JRT has a very similar personality to the traditional Jack Russell. They are energetic and lively with a strong prey drive. Because of this they can be difficult to train in recall (being off lead and coming back when called).

Jack Russells are very loyal and loving towards their owner, some people even describe them as velcro dogs! This makes them great family pets. They love to please their owner and they are great little dogs for learning party tricks such as play dead, roll over and walk (on two legs!!!) They can quickly learn how to speak.

But they can also be a little bit barky and aggressive when there are intruders – this means that they make great little guard dogs!

Where can you get a Black and Tan JRT?

As they are a little rarer than traditional Jack Russells they may be harder to find. We got our from the Dogs Trust. If you have the time, energy and home environment to rescue a Jack Russell then you can also try places such as the RSPCA or Freshfields.

If you have a black and tan JRT then please comment on our blog – we’d love to hear from you!

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  • January 6, 2024 at 3:47 am

    We have a Black and Tan male he is 1 year old very energetic playful and loving . So easy to train and settled into a routine so quickly. My only issue is he is a very fussy eater, won’t eat from a bowl, takes the dry kibble from my pocket when we go for a walk , loves chicken sausage and ham he is the best we addition to our family x his name is Walter


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