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This article is about finding a good Jack Russell harness. What is a dog harness? How does it work? Why would you have your dog wear one, and other things about it.

The Jack Russel Harness is a protective garment for dogs that helps to keep them from pulling on lead while walking or traveling in cars. That is because the clip will attach to the back of the dog rather than their collar. It could dangerously yank their neck in an accident if they were attached to the car seat by the collar.

A harness offers you more control over your dog without punishing them if they pull on the lead, and can help prevent back injuries in dogs caused by their constant pulling to move faster on walks. It’s also helpful if you need to restrain your dog for any reason (eg: visiting the vet) as it will encourage calm behaviour and not aggression or escape attempts.

The adjustable nature of this type of dog harness means you can increase or decrease the size as your pet grows or if their weight fluctuates and you can adjust it so that it sits comfortably around their neck without being too tight.

What is the best Jack Russell Harness?

Some of the best Jack Russell Harnesses include the perfect fit harness and the Julius K9 harness. There are other good makes of Jack Russell harness that you can get on Amazon such as Rabitgoo.

Perfect Fit Harness

We use the Perfect fit harness for our Jack Russell Cross Blake. The fantastic things about the perfect fit harness is that you can mix and match the parts of the harness until you find the ‘perfect fit!’ Blake has a small top piece, a medium belly section (girth) and a small front piece. We ordered a few different sized sections and then tried them on him to get the best combination, then sent the other pieces back that didn’t fit and they refunded. It can all be ordered online here.

hyper jack russell

Julius K9 Harness

The Julius K9 Harness is a very popular option for Jack Russells. You can actually individualise your K9 Harness with your dogs name, or maybe a special message such as ‘friendly’. The recommended size K9 harness for a Jack Russell terrier is Mini-mini. Read about it here.

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