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Did you know that the rough coated Jack Russell is a dog breed which can be traced back to 1800s England? They were originally bred as low-maintenance hunting dogs. Nowadays they are usually kept as pets and are very popular due to their pleasant personality and loyal nature.

Introducing the Rough Coated Jack Russell

What makes them special, why do they have the name ‘rough coated’ and what other things make them different from other dogs? Well they look like this:

Rough coated Jack Russell
Rough Coated Jack Russell

Well the rough coated Jack Russell isn’t long haired but more wirey with the look of a border terrier in his fur. They will be recognisable by the classic Jack Russell markings – usually white with black and brown spots on the body and face. The rough coated Jack Russells usually have a bit of a moustache.

This is in contrast to the common smooth haired Jack Russell who looks more like this:

do Jack Russells shed
Short haired Jack Russell

The main difference between caring for a smooth or short haired Jack Russell and a Rough Coated is that the rough coated need more grooming. You can read more about Jack Russell Grooming here.

Rough Coated Jack Russell – Diet

Rough coated jack russells are known for having a sensitive stomach. As a result, they need to be fed small portions of dry dog food, and only once or twice a day. They do not like having wet food in their diet but mixing it in with dog biscuits or mixer will help them with digesting it. They like having treats or pieces of pork such as bacon but this can be harmful in large quantities as it is very salty and is likely to give them an upset stomach.

The dog will also want to be treated to some fresh water every day, and they don’t mind being bathed either! But those weekly or even daily visits to the groomer is something you cannot skip out on. The coat needs to be kept short and clean, and a bad doggy odor is not tolerated.

Favourite activities of the Rough Coated Jack Russell

These dogs love having a good game of fetch. They will also want to follow you around the yard or even in your house. This is why they are known to be loyal dogs who will never leave your side. They have been known to make great companions for children on camping trips, and you can take them with you anywhere! This is something that makes them very different from other breeds.

On the other hand, they are not very fond of being left alone for too long. They will need to be taken out regularly so that they can keep active and play. They would also like to have some space where they can run around. Because of their frequent barking at strangers, they would not want to stay outside for any longer than it is necessary.

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