Jack Russell Tricks

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You will be pleased to know that Jack Russells are highly intelligent dogs that are very food motivated. This makes it quite easy to teach them how to do tricks. They really enjoy learning and aim to please, so they are great little dogs for this! In my experience Jack Russells learn very quickly in the comfort of their own home. It’s the outdoor training that they tend to struggle with more because of their alertness and inbuilt prey drive. So what are the best Jack Russell tricks that you can teach your dog?

Best Jack Russell Tricks

1. Shake a Paw (and the other one!)

If you put your Jack Russell in a sit and then tap the back of his front leg while you have a treat in your hand, he will lift his paw. You can treat this to show it’s a desired action. Then, you can start to shake it and only offer the treat once he has allowed the shake. Before long, ‘paw’ will be instant! You can then repeat with the other leg and ask for ‘paw’ and then the ‘other one!’ It literally took Blake a couple of hours to get this!

2. Spin Round

Spin round is very easy with a food motivated dog. You can simply let him smell the treat to create interest and then make the circular motion with it. His body will naturally follow the treat and you an get him used to that motion with the ‘spin round’ command. You can then make the circular motion a little higher and repeat the instruction. Quite quickly, your dog will be able to spin round on command and even on the circular hand motion alone!

3. Stand Up

This is another one of those easy Jack Russell tricks for food motivated dogs. Simply hold a tasty treat high in the air and he will automatically stand up to try and reach it. When he does it the first time let him have the treat straight away. The second time hold it a little higher and introduce the command ‘up’ (not to confuse with ‘stand’ because the ‘stand’ command can be used to get your dog standing on four legs – not two – from a sitting position!).

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