Types of Jack Russell

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You probably all know about the Jack Russell, but were you aware that there are different types of Jack Russell? Well, it’s true! Some of the different Jack Russells include rough coated Jack Russells, Parsons Russells, miniature Jack Russells and also the Spanish Jack Russell!

Different Types of Jack Russell

Classic Jack Russell Terrier

The classic Jack Russell terrier is usually smooth haired and tri-coloured – white with black and brown spots on his body and head. The classic Jack Russell is usually short haired, making grooming easy. However, they are a bundle of fun and need a great deal of exercise! Jack Russells shouldn’t have their tails docked unless they are working dogs and it is recommended by a vet and performed before 5 days old (according to English law).

Rough Coated Jack Russell

The rough coated jack Russell looks very much like the classic smooth haired Jack Russell, but with rough fur. This makes them look a little ‘shaggier’ and the fur on their face quite often makes them look like they have a moustache!

Parsons Russell

The ‘Parsons Jack Russell’ is the kennel club registered jack Russell terrier. These are the purebreeds and the Jack Russells that you will typically see on Crufts! It was developed from the original fox terrier in the 18th Century.

Miniature Jack Russell

The miniature Jack Russell or mini-JRT is a popular smaller version of the classic Jack Russell and a popular family pet in the UK and the USA. They have a slightly smaller body and shorter legs than the classic Jack Russell. They are sometimes called a ‘Jack Russell shorty!’

Spanish Jack Russell

The Spanish Jack Russells official name is the ‘Ratonero Bodeguero‘. The look of the Spanish Jack Russell is very similar to the British Jack Russell with similar markings, but longer legs. They are recognisable by the ‘mask’ type face that stands out from their predominantly white body. They are bred for ratting and catching mice in the wine cellars of Andalusia in the South of Spain.

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